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Full Scale launches First Nationwide Outreach

Full Scale is fully committed to driving positive change in the communities we call home. As a business dedicated to growing stronger teams, our primary focus is creating a culture that best serves our team members, clients, business partners, and community members. We foster inclusive growth by encouraging team members to participate in and benefit from our various community outreach programs.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, our social impact work is more important than ever, and we take great pride in supporting our communities as they emerge from the crisis. And having some great fun along the way too! 

Full Scale Community Outreach

Our goal is to make endless positive social impacts, not just in the tech industry we know so well, but in all communities. Extending our efforts to help, we recently launched Full Scale’s first-ever Nationwide Community Outreach program, Spread Kindness to all Kinds, this past August 26, 2022. 

Full Scale organized simultaneous outreach programs in Cebu, Manila, Davao, and Bohol all focused on extending kindness to our community’s people, environment, and animals.

These were the 10 outreach activities held for Full Scale’s Project Giving. We hope you love learning about our efforts as much as we enjoyed serving the community. 

1. Solar Panel Donation Drive for Batang Pinangga Inc. (Carmen, Cebu)

Batang Pinangga cares for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Its mission aims to build caring communities so that abused and neglected children find families who are willing and able to care for them. To help sustain their basic needs, Full Scale donated 10 solar panels to the foundation. 

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2. Bundle of Joy for Fishermen Community in Talisay (Talisay City, Cebu)

In Talisay, there are around 7 Fishermen Associations (about 100+ fishermen in each), and one of them is the Mananagat sa Tangke Pamo Association (MATAPA) with their President: Anastacio “Dondon” Caballero. They have 179 fishermen members. Currently, the monsoon season has affected their productivity. To support their basic needs, Full Scale donated sacks of rice and groceries.

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3. Feeding Program and Donation Drive for Children’s Haven Orphanage (Cordova, Cebu)

Full Scale immensely enjoyed partnering with Children’s Haven Orphanage, a shelter for abandoned and abused children. This foundation is always in need of support for basic commodities to sustain the short-term and long-term care for their growing family. Full Scale prepared and donated groceries and school supplies for the kids. They also enjoyed a special treat from Jollibee.  

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  4. Tree Planting Activity in Mountain Barangay (Cantipla, Cebu City)

We believe we can also leave beautiful things to come for future generations. By planting trees, we helped in making nature breathe a bit easier, and our city a bit greener. In partnership with Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO), Full Scale’s group of volunteers planted 250 seedlings up in Cantipla, Cebu City.


5.     Community Outreach for the Elderlies in Gasa sa Gugma (Mabolo, Cebu City)

Gasa sa Gugma is a facility run by the Missionaries of Charity devoted to taking care of the aged, dying, and abandoned elderly people of Cebu. Most of the elderlies in the center require extensive care and attention asmost are in wheelchairs, have injuries, or physical disabilities.

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Despite this, their group is extremely participative in fun activities and parties thrown for them. This inspired Full Scale’s team to push for a mini-program with a sing-off where our seniors sang along to classic Bisaya songs. Full Scale’s Mike Paradela also offered to serenade the elders with his electric violin. Our Nanays and Tatays enjoyed singing along to his melodies.

Full Scale donated goods and food to the beneficiaries, specifically requested by the nuns who run and take care of the elderly residents.

6. Feeding and Shelter Clean-Up for Rescued Animals (Guba, Cebu City)

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Located at Brgy. Guba, Cebu City, IRO is an animal shelter for rescued dogs and cats. Full Scale donated dog and cat food and cleaning materials for the upkeep and maintenance of the shelter.

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On outreach day, the Full Scale employees cooked a nutritious squash and pork liver soup for the animals, which was then distributed equally into dog and cat bowls. We had a great time giving the furry friends their food and sharing pats and cuddles with them.

7. Relief Goods for Magnitude 7 Earthquake Victims in Luzon (Manila)

In Manila, Full Scale volunteers packed and shipped relief packages for the families affected by the magnitude 7 earthquake last July 27, 2022. The team turned over 80 packs of relief goods, 80 packs of hygiene kits, and 80 bottles of distilled water.

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To transport the goods, we turned them over to the military. Since roads are still under repair en route to Abra, our goods will be among the many donations they will deliver within their schedule.

8. Philippine Eagle Foundation – Shelter Needs Donation Drive (Davao)

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Davao is known as the home of the Philippine Eagle. To help in their conservation, Scale partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the endangered Philippine Eagle and its rainforest habitat. Full Scale’s donation will provide a year’s worth supply of food for one of the raptors in captivity.

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9. Community Pantry in Immaculate Conception Parish (Bohol)

The donation drive in Bohol reached four barangays in Jagna, namely Tubod Monte, Lonoy, Cambugason, and Cabungaan. The community outreach was in partnership with Jagna, Bohol Philippine National Police Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko Project. They chose 20 households that were considered indigent and people with disabilities as beneficiaries. Full Scale donated various goods to each family, such as sacks of rice, instant noodles, canned goods, and milk.

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10. Bundle of Joy for Farmer Community in Mantalungon (Dalaguete, Cebu)

One Full Scale’s Happiness Clubs, the Mountaineering Club, donated groceries to the hardworking farmers in the province. The volunteers trekked the mountainous slopes of Dalaguete to deliver their goods. In a kind and generous gesture, the farmers gifted the volunteers some of their own produce.

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